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Unnatural Objects and Their Humans [remastered 2020]


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Jane Pain 06:03
1. There are songs about their liberations and poems about enlightened minds They talk about the fall of hope and what is rotten in our time They might be ways to save your soul And lift you to a state sublime Or merely signs of desperate people trying not to lose their mind Through the day you purge your feelings Through the night you numb your grieving You think it’s all a part of healing But what is going on inside Escape to places free of meaning Stretch a smile to drown the screaming Repeat till you can't keep on going We’re here because we’re afraid to die 2. At the end of the awakening you let that something die So when the bad things come at you there’s nothing left inside
Smog 03:05
Are we there yet? No What’s the day What’s the time Deadly silence Smokey skies Hell broke loose The crowd goes wild Waxy faces Eyes grow wide His body is his armour So frail and so thin They push and shove and beat and poke but still they cannot win (I’ll rip you to pieces) You break my fingers (You rip me to pieces) You break my bones (I’ll rip you to pieces) You pull the trigger (You rip me to pieces) Our dear protector (I’ll rip you to pieces) Your ugly grimace (You rip me to pieces) Your evil sneer (I’ll rip you to pieces) We flirt with madness (You rip me to pieces) The end is near There's no hope No redemption (Crack my skull) Mother please don't cry There's is a better world for us out there Can you see it? Or is it just me? (And you'll be pleased) A vague sense of unease that the gruesome climax of my life (Crack my skull) Was being rehearsed years in advance (In the name of peace) Be my friend walk me out of this plight (Crack my skull) Walking along the sea I see the tents and the people they're all They're all smiling at me (And I'm released) Out of nowhere we became the traitor (Crack my skull) This is an army with no clear leader (And make me the beast)
Brian Emo 05:15
Brian walks home and cries into a pillow Boiling in anger then softening in sorrow Waking up next day carry on with fear Shuffling along in the whiteness of evil He was told that hope would keep him sane But its hope that gives him all the pain There are screams you hear and screams you don’t The world is quiet but it isn’t kind They push for an answer but the question is blind And as an instinct to survive He finds a new way to exist The more poison pours out from his wounds The brighter he shines Until all his cuts become unstoppable fountains Pouring out not pain but immense pleasure He’s become one of his kind You created me out of confusion, raw panic, disease-ridden thoughts I am born out of fear and loathing I had been here, a small part of you Vulnerable like a balled up infant But now I’m growing stronger and stronger and stronger I am the knife you swing I am the screams you cry I am the blood you shed I am what helps you survive I’m in the drugs you take I’m in the pain you feel I’m in the air you breathe I am what keeps you alive I am invisible I am undeniable I am uncontrollable I am inside, inside! I am not one of them I will be all of them I will be everywhere I will spread like a fire to end your torture to earn your life Run! Run! Run! It’s burning up your legs, your thighs, your chest, your head, your hair, your face, your whole- consume me! Sickly sweet toxic all pouring out of my system Deformed, unusual, tragic, alive I warned you about what I could do to you I warned you about what I could do I am free from the alien loneliness I am free from your endless prejudice I am free from unwanted affections I am free from a crooked box you called family I am free
Machine#1 03:31
Nothing ever happens and it was boring You paint your face to hide your sorrow Embrace yet another tomorrow Flower dies Planes fall off the sky Children lie You make your only love cry Unwilling piece of art we fall into an Unwilling piece of art we work for an Unwilling piece of art they push me to an Unwilling piece of art we end up in a Nothing ever happens and it was boring Unwilling piece of art we fall into an Unwilling piece of art we work for an Unwilling piece of art they push me to an Unwilling piece of art we end up in a? You paint your face to hide your sorrow Embrace yet another tomorrow It takes cowardice to push on through this game It takes madness to stay sane
Loosefuck 01:44
Curse me with your sour logic Bathe me in your dirty gaze Throw at me your rotten wisdom Celebrate your dying grace Angry at a growing promise Worry that you’re left behind Jealous of a brighter future Bitter pride to your own kind Staring at your thinning hair Wondering why they do not care Half your life you’re a sad disgrace and Now you see yourself as the master race I like the way you vote for lies I like how you have rapey eyes I like the way you take the creds While I pay for your fucking meds I like the way you think you rule I like you hating all I do I like the fact you will be dead and fade and rot and nameless very soon (Flaunt your bad brain Flaunt your bad teeth Flaunt your bad taste Flaunt your bad breath) Spitting fire Spreading hate Encourage corruption! Encourage corruption!
Men 04:43
Kill time till the end arrives You keep your rotting shell as human with flesh and bones no more than a tasteless skin Along it comes the casual evil you wash your sins in a pool of lukewarm mess To save yourself from the daily monster you turn to a bland belief to feel complete A cloud of dirty buzzing shadows mutates and takes the form of an ugly (monster) MUTATING Tell me what to do and (I’ll do it) Guide me how to feel (and I’ll pursue it) Learn your ways through a rotten system You won’t smell the stench when you’re swimming in the vomit Clinging on your face your hair your clothes your neck your mouth they numb your senses Moving in packs like dust like dirt like a storm like plague like an endemic pollution Dance dance dance While they glorify evil While the innocent dies As we taint our conscience As our mothers cry As we grow in number As we swarm the sky As they molest our children As we start to comply As sickness takes over Now we endorse in crime As we settle into monsters Now we will never die (Do you register anything happening around you) (If they want you blind will you give up your sight) Rotten food you’re good for me Filthy air you’re good for me Burning flesh you’re good for me Drowning world you’re good for me Everything is good for me Everything is good for me And what do I do now I don’t want to be the only one awake Now you play human They call you human You feel Happy Hopeful Glorious Delusional Brain dead
Machine#2 04:38
I know the world is supposed to end And at one point we will all burn to our roots But why is it taking so long I've got a million things I can regret upon (Pour your life into an endless void you think you have a soul?) Shards of crystals Slice into your eyes You're buried in concrete As they multiply Greasy ocean, acid sky Fueled upon your glowing lies (Let there be light) Now stop And look upon the world (Let there be life) Remains of what will never last Remind you of a better past Satisfy more petty needs With pornographic speed And the story goes: (MACHINE MARCHING) Now you kneel and shiver Noticed there's a crack and at first you're blind When the crack grows bigger you block it with lies Now the crack is leaking and it hurts your pride But when it's no longer a crack it's your time to die (Will we be fine?) Enjoy the sour wind caress your skin Black and blue and pink and yellow It's the blend of waste that fuels your tomorrow Pumping toxic out, disappear from sight But they soon become what you breath and swallow Swallow! (Will we be fine?) You set off a fire to clear what's going in your way but your creations lost patience its soon your time to pay (It won't be fine) Escalate your lie try to buy yourself precious time on a ball of dying rock pointlessly fall through space You escalate your lie try to buy yourself precious time on a ball of dying rock pointlessly slide through time Return your debt Surrender your life The great fire burn The great flood drown Your glory your gold your future your hopes no more than fragments in the ground You can wish for a miracle (What were young are now growing old) You can find more ways to pass the time (Your running blood is growing cold) But the end is near its our fault my dear (Your blood grows cold) Now you're desperately trying to rewind (Your blood grows cold)
Susie’s bed with metal frame Lures you into her evil games Susie with a razor blade Promise you’ll see her everyday Susie with the ugly scars She laughs and says she’s gone too far “Whatever I do it isn’t bad You can’t die again if you’re already dead" Stay up till the morning Crying whilst she’s crawling Slash up all her paintings Killing off her cravings Thrashing in her dream Violently she screams What she says- What do you live for Why you even bother Thought you were my angel Running in a distance Running is her sentence Running through the shadows With nowhere good to go Looking like a flower Falling off a tower lower and lower You think its all a dream (Its not a dream) Susie Exciting
I Can't 06:14
You said You've tried You just can't comprehend What is That thing That we're trying to defend I'm not Surprised If there's nothing we could mend No one Can decide How is this going to end It's in my hot blood An angst that could flood But drenched in wet mud Suffocates a blooming bud I can't I can't I can't I can't I can't I can't I can't do it anymore I can't I can't I can't I can't I can't I can't All my limbs are worn and sore I can't I can't I can't I can't I can't I can't I'm helpless after all But I can't I can't I can't I can't I can't I can't I can’t I can’t (You see it come / You see it go / You see it bright, keen and unnatural / You touch its body / You watch it grow / Feeding on a collective ego / A hint of light/ It starts to burst / Wither loudly spitting out dirt / You smile and walk away from things that aren't seductive, or pretty, or perfect, or shiny, or pleasant, or worthwhile) It's nothing more than a stuff toy With a smile that's so coy It's not like you're trying to avoid 'Cause everything's been destroyed
“I know you're sad, I know your days are bleeding too And I know I make you sad. I don't understand how not to, but please don't bring in more of the grief, don't add to it If there is more, then I won't be able to breathe and I'll die” And I miss it, too And I miss it like you do A tender version of the end of the world No memories, no emotions No pleasure, no pain No medals, no wounds Neither beautiful nor ugly Neither significant nor unimpressive Never experience another moment of ecstasy Never fall into depression again Breathe Before you come I’ll close my eyes Please join me at my last lullaby I’m so intoxicated I could die Breathe There’s no need to feel ashamed It’s just the end of a game They'll take my face, they'll take my name My last dream I can see it now My life made sense Everything made sense They were necessary to make this possible And when white noise becomes reality I didn’t let go I just let it be Approaching / Approaching Fearful / Fearful Blind / Blind Feel it / Feel it Learn it / Learn it Take it / Take it We come to nothing On fire / On fire Evolve / Evolve Perfection / Perfection Dissolve / Dissolve On fire / On fire Evolve / Evolve Perfection / Perfection Strip to my bones I'll drop my shell I'll drop my name They've never been mine anyway Release from all mortal boredom and mortal pain We won’t have to hold on There’s nothing to be fearful of A fiery cry of my name Rewriting all the rules of this game Ever so hopeful ever so blind If I could only burn this last picture onto my mind But it will soon be rotting So preciously rotting rotting rottin
Newborn Porn 02:30
I will have a Fancy job Cosy home Pretty wife When I go out they'll smile at me Congratulate my perfect life We were born to be fucked Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck


“Unnatural Objects and Their Humans” is the debut album of Hong Kong band DAVID BORING.

Originally released in April 2017, the album is structured to tell a
sequence of stories representing the oppressed young humans in this slowly decaying modern world, The album builds on three main arcs - “The Machine”, “Unnatural Objects” and “Their Humans”, that intertwine to form a 12-act piece that paints a violently nihilistic picture, mapping the band's intricate psyche in response to the gentle malice of the modern world.

Now Damnably presents a new edition of the album with an updated track list especially for vinyl, remastered by Matthew Barnhart at Chicago Mastering Services.


released June 19, 2020

Produced by DAVID BORING
Recorded and mixed by Jay Tse @ Life Was All Silence
Remastered by Matthew Barnhart (Chicago Mastering Services)


all rights reserved




DAVID BORING is the acceptable face of modern morbidity. We don’t set out to entertain, instead join us for a self-indulgent celebration of inane sufferings.

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